Francis Cano, PhD

Francis Cano, PhD, Independent Director

Has served as a Director of the Company since June 1999. Dr. Cano is the managing director of Cano Biotechnology, a consulting business which is focused on vaccines and immunotherapeutics. He co-founded Aviron in 1993 and served as the President and Chief Operating Officer. The Company developed the intranasal flu vaccine, Flu-Mist, and was acquired by MedImmune in 2002 for $1.2 billion. From 1972-1993 Dr. Cano held various scientific/management positions with American Cyanamid, the last of which was as Vice President-General Manager of the Lederle-Praxis Biological Division. From fiscal 2001 through 2008, Dr. Cano also served on the board of Lancer Orthodontics, Inc., and currently serves on the board of Arbor Vita Corporation and Dynavax.